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NNNGO is Honoured to Provide the research and advocacy that led to the passage of the Part F of the Companies and Allied Matters Act.

NNNGO Is Honoured To Provide The Research And Advocacy That Led To The Passage Of The Part F Of The CAMA.


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Oyebisi, B. Oluseyi
Executive Director,

We at the Nigeria Network of NGOs would like to extend our deepest thanks to the National Assembly for their leadership in taking on outcome of our consultations with the civil society community in the review of the Part C of Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA)—the legal framework guiding formation and operation of nonprofits in Nigeria. As a Network, we appreciate the opportunity to raise critical regulatory issues as we continue to work toward advancing the operations of nonprofits in Nigeria. The new CAMA especially the Part F of CAMA further strengthens the sectors transparency and accountability including proper classification


Between 2017 and now, NNNGO has advocated for the National Assembly to take more active legislative action in reviewing the Part C of CAMA as part of the ease of doing business agenda of the Federal Government and consulted with nonprofits within and outside our membership to bring together a diverse array of thoughts that provided input to the National Assembly Technical Committee on CAMA on a number of issues related to the Part C of CAMA. We are grateful to the 660 nonprofits (437 organisations participating in our regional face-to-face and 223 in the telephone consultations across the 36 States) voluntarily providing input into the review held between 2017 and 2018.


NNNGO on CAMA, We commend members of the 8th and 9th Assembly for listening to the nonprofit community’s concerns and for responding by capturing our input and feedback, we are honoured that our suggestions on common seal, classification of associations, qualification of trustees, accounting records and annual returns are included in the new law. We now look forward to working with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other nonprofit stakeholders to help eliminate roadblocks to implementing the CAMA Act 2020 so that nonprofits can continue to deliver essential support to communities across the country”.



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