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Member of the Month: Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation (JEOF)

Member of the Month: Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation (JEOF)

Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation (JEOF) providing support to the less privileged


There is no doubt that Nigeria is witnessing tremendous growth in the number of compassionate not-for-profit organizations working hard to provide support to the needy within various Nigerian communities. Although, many Nigerian children have embraced hardship as a way of life and have just a little glimpse of hope, a NGO in the city of Lagos is providing hope to such ones.


Founded in 2008, to immortalize the memory of the late Chief Joseph Ojo Oladaiye, the Joseph and Eunice Oladaiye Foundation (JEOF) has continued to provide support services to the less privileged and underserved children, youths, women and the aged people in the society.


“Building a compassionate foundation, committed to the development of human kind forever remains our watchword. Our society needs a helping hand such that these children indeed can become future leaders” said High Chief Ademola Oladaiye.


It is in the light of this, that the foundation’s core values which are social responsibility, empowerment, resourcefulness ,value addition, integrity, compassion and enterprise are woven into three programmatic areas : educational development programmes ,healthcare improvement initiatives, community, youth and women empowerment programme in order to transform the society through its innovative community involvement, process and strategic problem solving mechanism towards bridging the gap between the needy and the affluent in the society.


According to JEOF, education remains one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty, as no nation can grow beyond the knowledge base of its citizenry. ‘’At JEOF education is not viewed as an end but a productive investment in the life of every disadvantaged and vulnerable child and youth to help them break the circle of poverty in their families, communities and the nation as a whole noted High Chief Ademola Oladaiye, Chairman/CEO, JEOF .


Through its stay in school programme, school infrastructure development and teachers training, including the read to lead library project, JEOF is indeed transforming lives. The Foundation’s health improvement initiative continues to impact on the living condition of its beneficiaries while its micro-finance scheme through the vocational and skill acquisition programmes cum youth engagement through sports and recreation development have seen both youths and women coming alive to this amazing life changing initiative.


Mr Oladaiye did not fail to mention the Foundation’s special projects which include visits to old people’s homes and community centers to provide support to the most vulnerable in the society and provision of support to the disables . The Foundation visited several orphanages most recent is the Heart of Gold Hospice, a home for children with disabilities in Lagos.


With the philosophy of service to humanity, indeed JEOF has made and is still making its footprints on the sand of time and it is no small wonder that over 5000 lives have been touched and positively impacted.


In a bid to realize fantastic results from NGOs across the country, Mr. Oladaiye gave reasons why NGOs should not be completely independent of government stating that NGOs are major contributors to the development processes, many of which are determined by relationships which should be cordial between the NGO sector and the state also stating further, he said that whatever organization exists in a society operates within the stipulated rules of the government as such government regulates the operations of every organization for accountability and transparency purposes.


He further noted that a healthy relationship is conceivable when both parties share common objectives, giving an instance that if government’s commitment to poverty reduction is weak then NGOs will find dialogue and collaboration frustrating or even counter-productive .He therefore urged the government to be proactive to the needs of her people.


Learn more about JEOF at www.jeof.org