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Dewdrops Care Development Foundation - I HAVE A TOMORROW

Dewdrops Care Development Foundation – I HAVE A TOMORROW

Millions of children navigate through life every day without protection neither from deliberate nor non-deliberate harms or danger, unprotected, their plights ignored and their needs neglected.


These children go with no formal identity, parental care farfetched, becoming prey to exploitation, trafficking, forced labor, domestic service, early marriage, ET all.


These children are the orphans of this world, they suffer the death, loss or absence of their parents and denied their first line of protection. They are burdened by sudden responsibilities or forced to fend for themselves and ultimately becoming less visible in the community. With an estimation revealing that one in every thirteen children is an orphan in the developing world and another estimation of seven million orphaned in 2003 here in Nigeria, indicates a huge need for this issue to be timely addressed and arrested.


In filling these identified gaps and serving as a shelter for these abandoned ones, Dewdrops Care Development Foundation was thus propelled to serve as an ointment to reduce the soreness of the less privileged in the society since June 18th, 2013.


Serving as a humanitarian organization Dewdrops Care Development Foundation is striving to better the standard of living of orphans and create a suitable platform that will build them spiritually, morally, materially and financially.


Evangelist Grace Bakare, the president of the foundation pledges to reduce the level of poverty among the children of the less privileged, obtain sponsorship for the orphans, plead for these orphans to find a loving home, find suitable long term placement in cases where adoption is not possible, support the best physical and emotional care for the children housed at the DEWDROPS FOUNDATION, maximize every donation received in order to benefit them, increase awareness of the orphans and the reality that each child, regardless of physical or medical handicap, is uniquely created, and lastly to facilitate an ongoing relationship with the local communities remains unrelenting in this humanitarian work even till date.


Although still very tender in this business of selfless service, Evangelist Bakare further pledges relentlessness in ensuring that orphans are off the streets in her community and given proper abode. She further noted that to date the scale of the national response has not been commensurate with the magnitude of the orphans and vulnerable children’s problems. She, therefore, urged the government and the community to be selflessly driven in helping and creating a much better life for the less privileged in the society.