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2019 Annual Conference

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19th NNNGO Annual Conference

Government Private Sector Civil Society: How can we change together

20th November 2019, Lagos, Nigeria


Call for Registration

The NNNGO Annual Conference each year brings together over 250 organisations from more than 32 States of the Federation to address cutting edge issues related to nonprofit regulations and growth of the civil society sector. The one-day conference which convenes a wide array of experts, policy leaders, regulators, development experts, business executives and nonprofit leaders is the only and largest gathering of nonprofits from different parts of the country. Through the Annual Conference, NNNGO helps build necessary consensus on issues critical to the growth of the sector and national development.


In November 2019, NNNGO will host leaders of nonprofits in Lagos to reaffirm our common values, address the shared challenges we face in our work and create the needed solutions.

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