Learn how the NNNGOs is helping its members and nonprofits with Covid-19


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In order to ensure equal opportunity a strict deadline for the nomination form and letters will be enforced. Nomination related information will not be released to anyone other than the individual who submitted it. Nominators will receive a confirmation email from NNNGO on their submissions; we will not contact the nominee during the process. The nominee must be a member of the Network in good standing.


An electronic nomination form is submitted along with 3 mandatory letters of support sent to yrkawards@nnngo.org. The mandatory letters (limited to 2pages per letter) will come from persons who can offer fresh perspectives on the nominee’s work. Usually this will not be individuals working or representing the same organization as the nominee. The mandatory letters of support with come from an unrelated organization or individual who is intimately familiar with the nominee’s contributions and impact. Self nomination or peer nominations are accepted.


The mandatory letter of support not longer than 2 pages will address why the nominee deserves to be considered for the award and outline the candidate’s leadership records, concrete examples of their transformational leadership and influencing. Letters are expected from an individual not an organization. Letters should be addressed to the YRK Leadership Award Committee, signed and submitted as PDF attachments with the name of the nominee as the subject line.


Nominees will be asked for supporting materials when they are short listed. Supporting materials expected include but not limited to:

  • Biographical information
  • Photos
  • New stories and brief writings
  • Reports
  • Resumes/CV not longer than 5 pages.
  • Links to multimedia materials (online videos)

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