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The YRK Leadership Awards was established by the Nigeria Network of NGOs and endowed by World Hope Foundation (a member of NNNGO) to honour Ms. Yemisi Ransome-Kuti for her service as founding Executive Director of the Nigeria Network of NGOs and for her outstanding record of leadership in the not-for-profit sector and for the country. The Award is presented to individuals who, in their own way, exemplify Ms. Ramsome-Kuti’s ideas and example of leadership. The award and awardees will reflect a high standard of leadership within the sector.


Leaders working in or with the 3rd sector, and who have been nominated for the YRK Award shares our vision of a not-for-profit sector that works to bring development to the door steps of the common man and woman through their active participation. Civil society occupies a unique role in our society, YRK Award nominees, while active in a thematic area are also committed to the growth of our sector.


They are social entrepreneurs who engage and collaborate as they work to promote sustainable change in their areas of focus. They are vision driven and able to take on complex and challenging issues raising public consciousness and capacitating others to raise their voice and take on similar challenges. YRK nominees are transformational leaders who work across borders to motivate and mobilize those they lead and to significantly raise the profile and impact of the broader civil society sector in Nigeria.


Each year, we will seek a pool of nominees from the NNNGO membership that reflects the scope and value of our sector and its contributions to Nigerian communities. Nominees worthy of the YRK awards will be individuals whose activities and impact is widely felt in their areas of focus, community or region. The Award winner will receive a plaque and 50,000 Naira prize money and will receive 1 year of free technology support from TechLooms, our technology partners.


The YRK Leadership Award recognizes living Nigerians:

  • Who through their body of work and activities have made significant contributions to the not-for-profit and philanthropic community in Nigeria
  • With transformational leadership qualities
  • Who have mobilized and unified people, institutions and causes
  • Whose efforts have brought development to the masses or citizenry
  • Are visionaries, have empowered communities and constituencies, inspired action and strengthened people participation
  • They are mentors, who have raised the capacity of others within the community for the common good of all and continued to be a role model for the younger generation
  • Award recipients will be members of the Network in good standing
  • The winner must be present at the award ceremony which will be held during the NNNGO Annual Conference

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