Learn how the NNNGOs is helping its members and nonprofits with Covid-19


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In order to fulfill its vision, mission and objectives, NNNGO works through 4 core departments, with each coordinating NNNGO’s programmes and activities under the supervision of a Programmes Coordinator.

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The Finance and Administrative Department takes care of the administrative and financial processes of the network.

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Our communication, advocacy and campaigns department takes care of NNNGO’s communications with its members and the civil society family through the media e.g. website, blog, listserves, print and electronic media. Various campaigns and advocacy work that the network is involved in such as the MDGs, Freedom of Information, Global Call to Action against Poverty, Coalition for Issue Based Politics and Good Governance and the Reform of International Institutions are also managed by this department.

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The membership department of the network is responsible for managing enquiries on membership, recruiting, maintaining and retaining individual and organizational membership of the network, the department also coordinates NNNGO’s network dialogues, training and membership of international organizations such as Civicus, Affinity Group of National Associations and the International Council on Social Welfare(ICSW). This department also manages NNNGO’s partnerships such as that with the Axum Institute, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and National Council for Voluntary Organizations in the UK.

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NNNGO’s Policy and Research department works to influence policy in a wide range of subject areas by identifying and representing the views of the civil society sector in Nigeria providing up to date and useful information for the third sector in Nigeria, enabling organizations to put the case for development issues effectively.

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